What to expect as a participant

The Three Eagle Half Marathon & 5K are point-to-point races utilizing the Three Eagle Trail. We’ve already got some great things going for us. The course is outdoors and remote. The half marathon and 5K starting lines are ten miles apart. And all participants naturally spread out after the start of the race. We believe that if we make further changes to reduce start area congestion, as well as changing our post-race format, we can still move forward with the race this fall. Our primary goal is to provide a fun and safe opportunity to be active while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19. We know, however, that we cannot completely eradicate the risk. As such, participants will need to accept that responsibility.


Criteria For Cancelling:

If one of the counties through which our race runs, Oneida or Vilas, moves back to Phase I restrictions (limiting gatherings to groups of 10 people or less), we would unable to run the event from a logistical standpoint.


Refunds In The Event Of Cancellation:

In the event that we would have to cancel due to COVID-19, then those that have registered for the race prior to the cancellation can expect a complete registration refund. Please note that may retain any processing fees on registration or refunds. We cannot cover their fees.


Race Capacity:

The race will be capped at 500 registrants this year. There will be NO on-site or day-of registration. Pre-registration ONLY this year.


Use Good Judgement:

If you become sick, please stay home. Please use good hand hygiene, physical distancing, and using face coverings for the day of the event. Spectators or supporters should also be wearing face coverings.


COVID-19 Waiver:

You will need to sign a specific COVID-19 waiver, in addition to our normal race waiver. We will be adding it to our online registration process. If you have not signed this waiver prior to race day, you must bring it with you to check-in. Please have it filled out and signed. The same rules apply for if you have not signed your liability waiver.


download the covid-19 waiver form


Drop Bags:

Drop bags will not be available this year.

What to Expect On Race Day

Arrive at your starting area no more than 20 minutes prior to your designated wave start. There will be three lines, spaced out, to pick up your bibs and neck gaiter (in lieu of shirts this year). Social distancing is expected while in line. You must wear your gaiter (or another face covering) until the start of your wave, and in the finishing area after completing your race.


Wave Assignments:

Waves will be based on age groups and assigned closer to the race date. We will be keeping waves under the 50-person guideline. Both half marathon and 5K starting areas allow for participants to spread out, using side roads and parking lots to warm-up. After the start, participants will naturally spread out shortly after crossing the starting mat. Runners may also filter themselves through the start, as your time will not begin until you have crossed the starting mat. The next wave of runners shall not arrive before the current wave is sent off. If you arrive before the previous wave has begun, please stay out of the starting area until they have left. For those that are getting dropped off at the start, including their drivers and supporters, please remain at your vehicle and do not enter the starting area until the current wave has left.


Wave Changes:

Any wave change requests NEED to be pre-approved. For example, if a mother and daughter want to run together but are assigned to different waves, one of them may change their wave. Whoever switches waves will be voluntarily opting out of age group awards, since they are not running with their age group and those awards will be distributed immediately after the top three runners finish in a given age group. We will manually make these wave change requests prior to race day. We need to know who is in which wave (with no waves overlapping at the start areas) for contact tracing purposes.



Buses will leave in shifts from the Reiter Center in Three Lakes based on wave start times. Each wave will have their own bus. Half marathon and 5K participants will also use separate buses. Anyone over 2-years-old who chooses to ride the bus MUST wear a mask before boarding, and remain masked until after they have exited the bus. There will be limited, 24-person capacity on the bus with only one person per seat. Please arrive for your designated bus no more than 10-15 minutes prior to its departure time. If you arrive any earlier, please keep your distance from the busing area until it is your designated time. Only race staff are allowed inside of the Reiter Center. If possible, we would like to encourage participants to arrange their own rides to the start lines.



Portable restrooms will be available at the start lines and finish area. Our starters will be wiping down handles on the inside and outside of every restroom between waves. Hand sanitizer will be available in each portable restroom for use. Portable hand sanitizing stations will also be available at both start lines and the finish area.


Aid Stations:

There will be pre-filled cups set out on tables at the aid stations along the course. Participants are responsible for picking up their own cup to drink (staff will not be handing them to you). Aid station volunteers will be masked and gloved while filling cups.


Half Marathon Finisher Medals:

Finisher medals can be picked up after you have crossed the finish line. We will have the medals set out on tables. Participants are responsible for picking up their own medal.


Age Group Awards:

Awards will be handed out as soon as the top three of an age group has finished. Top finishers will be pulled aside by staff to receive their award.


Post-Race Food:

Pre-packaged post-race food may be picked up after your race is completed. Please limit only one bag of food per participant as a courtesy to the later waves to ensure that we have enough for everyone.


Grand Prize Drawing:

We anticipate having a grand prize drawing for an item (to be named later) donated by Mel’s Trading Post in Rhinelander. We will draw a winner prior to race day and post the bib number by the item at the finish. You must be present to win.


We want to add one additional request to please cover your face after you have crossed the finish line and caught your breath. We ask that you exit the finishing area after completing the race. There will not be post-race massages or physical therapy services available this year. And once again, only race staff are allowed inside the Reiter Center.

Tentative Schedule

Race Start Schedule:

▪  8:00am - Wave 1

▪  8:20am - Wave 2

▪  8:40am - Wave 3

▪  9:00am - Wave 4

▪  9:20am - Wave 5

▪  9:40am - Wave 6 (if needed)


Bus Schedule:

▪  7:15am - Wave 1

▪  7:45am - Wave 2

▪  8:05am - Wave 3

▪  8:25am - Wave 4

▪  8:45am - Wave 5

▪  9:05am - Wave 6 (if needed)


*There will be two buses for each time slot, a half marathon bus and a 5K bus. The bus for half marathon participants will be parked in front. Correspondingly, the second bus will be for 5K participants only. The 5K bus will leave 5 minutes after the departure time listed for the half marathon bus. For example, the 5K bus for wave 3 does not leave until 8:10am.

We know that was a lot of information to digest, but we want to make sure you are well informed as to what to expect! If you have further questions of clarification, let us know.